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Our mission is to help REALTORS and BROKERAGES overcome the challenges they face when growing their business.

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Working in the real estate industry isn’t easy.

Realtors and brokerages are asked to wear many different hats, and no one really shows you how to do that. We offer systematized solutions that are tailored to equip you with the knowledge and know-how to manage every function of your business with confidence. If you have ever wondered if it is possible to automate any part of your business, you should call us! We look forward to helping you build a strong and successful business.

Leverage our knowledge and experience to save you time and money when growing your business.

Real estate is a dynamic business and after working with hundreds of companies of all sizes, we understand what it takes to be successful in this industry. We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions. Instead, we take the time to understand.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Niko Lambrinoudis

Broker/Owner and Co-Founder, TRG - The Residential Group Realty &

Assisted in creating an education module, survey the entire brokerage to gauge what agents are looking for, helped recruit 15 more agents within 3 months and implemented a system for success.

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Frederick Trudeau


RE/MAX Little Oak Realty

...With REAS at your side, as a realtor, I can focus on money-making activities, which are being face-to-face with your clients. I trust blindly that REAS has all other areas of my business covered and they do it all faster and better than I could...

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Chris Tioseco

 Oakwyn Realty Downtown Ltd.

Assisted in running offline marketing, and transaction coordination work. 

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