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8 Reasons Why Video Is The Way Ahead For Real Estate Marketing

In the field of real estate, an agent always selling, be it a client’s property or the benefits of a certain neighbourhood community or even their own credibility. Being a marketer comes with their job profile. An agent employs many a market strategy with the aim to convince the opposite party that what they have to offer is what’s best for the client.

Being in the 21st century, it’s important for marketers across industries, to adapt to the changes in the nature of the market. As more and more consumer markets have started shifting to online portals, customer expectations have shifted.

Nowadays, a person prefers to have any and all information readily available to them on the internet. With the mass population of people moving to digital mediums of communication, it’s essential for an agent to realize the essentiality and benefits of Videography in their field. Here are 8 reasons why the medium of videos is the way ahead for real estate marketing:

1. It’s in the wiring!

According to studies, a person retains visual content better than written material presented to them. An average human remembers approximately 95% of a certain message when presented in the form of a video, as compared to a meager 10% with written content.

Thus, potential customers are more likely to consider deals or come to open houses if they see a video highlighting their benefit in doing so. Reading an article or reading material on the same may not have a large impact.

2. Set it up and set it free.

Though making videos to market houses/properties may seem like a tedious and stretched out process, in today’s techno-savvy world, all you need is a smartphone and a social media account. The process to market through video is not only faster than traditional methods but also delivers to a larger audience at a faster pace. In addition, it is cost-effective since the materials required to make a video are not many, just a creative mind and an innovative idea!

3. The numbers say it all.

Looking at the reports of August 2018, YouTube is the second highly used social network application after Facebook, counting up to 1,900,000,000 users who are part of the user base. If you’ve upgraded to these new ways and your website already includes video clips for your clients, your website is 57% more likely to show up on the first page of google search results. This means that clients will find your listings more easily on the web, resulting in more offers which in turn leads to happy customers. All that you desire is a few beeps away!

4. Say cheese!

Marketing involves not only selling properties but also selling yourself, your skills and abilities and why you are the right fit to be the medium between a specific buyer or seller.

Nowadays a lot of real estates agents are seen doing ‘About Me’ videos or participating in trending challenges to enhance their social media pages. While this may seem irrelevant to the purpose of showcasing your credentials, such videos help create an image for yourself that clients can relate to. It makes you more likable and trustworthy. It makes clients see you as a person and not a website. As a real estate agent, you are part of a very important life decision of people’s lives and such videos help you keep the personal touch intact.

5. The future is video.

Research suggests that by 2019, consumer internet video traffic will be 80% of all internet traffic across the world. This means that video will dominate the internet and become the primary medium for how internet users will consume information.

Video is critical in marketing strategies, this is evident when we consider the fact that most 18 to 24-year olds spend a total of 36 minutes every week watching video content on their smartphones, laptops etc. This Millennial generation is set to become a key consumer group for brands to focus on. Evolving into marketing through videos is a smart move to grow, and it needs to be done now.

6. The fastest comes first.

Why do most people go on the internet? To find answers to their questions, find solutions to a problem or sometimes for sheer entertainment purposes. On any given website, an average user doesn’t spend more than 48 seconds before logging off, unless they feel it’s worth their time. By adding video clippings to your real estate agency website, you can not only convey messages in a short period of time along with visual simulation but also make a visitor stay on the website for the length of the video.

7. Convince me!

It cannot be denied that real estate largely runs on visual motivators. It has no match to a written description of a property and is most certainly a level up from still photos of the location. Videos provide potential clients a clear idea of how a location looks, get a grasp of the size and also a sense of satisfaction that what they see is what they get. Pictures can often be misleading of size & structure of areas. Videos are far more effective in giving a client a clear idea of what they will receive is a smooth and effortless manner. It provides a certain feel of the place that content or images cannot provide.

8. Survival of the Filmiest!

In any industry, competition is a huge deciding factor in the profitability and success of a business. In the real estate industry, more and more agencies are adopting the new & diverse methods of marketing, now introducing video clips to their website content. Due to this, clients have now started expecting to be provided with such a service. To keep up with customer demands, it is a good move to adapt to videography.

Now the question is if everyone is making videos to market, how do I maintain my individuality as an agency. Create. Design. Think. Craft videos that stand out from those of your competitors. Give your clients a reason to want to make dealings with you. Make sure you are remembered.

As we have witnessed above, video marketing is the most effective method to promote your services on online portals. It’s the perfect media to be informative and creative. Don’t delay anymore, get on the mark, set and SHOOT!


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