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Getting An Edge When Listing A Place

Listing a property isn't difficult, but it is rare for not all listings get the highest price, mainly because not all agents are created equally. Also, the marketing that is available might lack creativity, among other things.

However, that can change, listings are essentially the first one-way communication from the seller to the potential buyer, and since first impressions are the most memorable impressions, one must muster up creativity and zeal to get an edge when one decides to list a place for sale.

Getting An Edge When Listing A Place

I. Inform:

Inform in the listing about the features of the property, the amenities, the landmarks, describe the neighbourhood and inform the potential buyers of the location of the property, all while keeping the information to the point and concise.

II. Pictures Speak A Thousand Words:

The quote that “pictures speak a thousand words” is true especially in the real estate business, using pictures of the property or 3D mockups of a structure which is under construction, gives the potential buyer a sense of the place, pictures of the neighbour and trying different angles of the property works well too.

III. If Pictures Speak A Thousand Words, How Many Words Do Videos Speak?

When you're listing your property online, modern day real estate portals have a place to upload not only pictures of the property, but also videos of the property, a property tour + a neighbourhood tour works wonders for listing and engages people to read more about the property.

IV. Quality Over Quantity:

Don’t talk about things which seem irrelevant, put yourself in the potential buyers shoes and try to put it as much quality information and content as possible, get picture shot by a professional and get them edited to suit your needs, get an amateur movie maker to shoot the property tour video and have a soothing nonchalant background score in it.

V. Tell A Story:

Tell people something interesting about the house, how old it is, or how old the landmark around the property is, tell them about something funny, interesting or historical which has happened in the neighbourhood of your property. However, remember to research well and keep it short.

VI. Market Your Listing:

Getting a listing done isn't enough anymore, share the listing page everywhere, on all your personal and professional social networks, any blogs you run, send it to your friends and your buddies on instant messengers, take out an email newsletter, make sure you tell people about your listing to as many people as possible. You can even buy ads on social networking & media sites and search engines to promote your listing.

VII. Get Creative:

Don’t just write a good story and try to do sell a property the old way. You need to experiment, look at your colleagues and teammates or even your competitors and other agents in the market if necessary, see the successful ones, see what works them, think outside the book, improve upon their strategies and get creative with your ideas, don't be afraid to experiment with new ideas.

VIII. The Community & The Neighbourhood:

Don’t underestimate the power of a neighbourhood with good amenities like gyms, health-clubs, good restaurants, spas, schools, etc. Sometimes it’s the attributes of a neighbourhood that can sell a property better than anything else.

Show them around the neighbourhood if they're not familiar with it or self-drive them in your car to help them understand more about the neighbourhood and the community, easing them into their decision.


XI. Don’t Just Have an Open House:

Sometimes the turn up at an open house you host may not be good, maybe your marketing was a little off, your story wasn't interesting enough or the listing was just bland, but just having an open house, in the first place is a waste of your time.

Instead of just hosting an open house, you should get the local community involved in a big way. Get somebody who is into selling clothes to come over, or somebody who bakes, or somebody who even sells artisan chocolate or jewelry, advertise them in your listing and take a commission out of their sales too, so you aren't just assured of money but also assured of a good foot-fall coming in to see the property!

These were my suggestions on how to get an edge over others when it comes to listing a place, in an extremely competitive economy, one must learn how to think outside the box and be a jack-of-all trade, one should also be ready to experiment with new and bold ideas and keep working on their content to make it more systematic, coherent and just more interesting!

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