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How To Deal With An Online Inquiry

In a day and age where today is yesterday and technology is becoming obsolete by the second, the real estate market is also constantly evolving.

If you are like one of the many real estate agents practising today, the majority of your leads would be stemming online. A potential customer is much more likely to send you an E-mail, WhatsApp/Text message or even an Instagram/Facebook message.

Given that today’s market is every do dynamic with new players entering every minute, it is imperative to focus on your strategies and ensure that you are able to turn every enquiry into a successful transaction.

Here are a few tips you can follow to deal with online queries.

1. Do not call

Most of the times, when potential customers contact you online, it is so that they do not have to talk to you or meet you face to face immediately. If you have somehow found their number and try to call them, it will lead to driving the client away. He/she probably was fishing for information and not wanting a sales pitch.

Humans are vulnerable and wish to maintain a distance. You should respect the same. Though if the message states for an interaction, do go ahead with calls. Or, if it has not converted, you can use their information as part of your cold calling strategy given that they have given consent to the same.

2. Include your signature

A very effective call-to-action strategy is the signature which is usually part of an e-mail or message. Not only is it legally necessary and professional, it is also a great way for customers to know how to contact you. You can make it interactive with a few snippets of information or include a quote that may resonate with them. Some real estate agents do use their accolades such as Top 1% of real estate agents in Canada as part of their signature. This establishes credibility and trust.

3. Respond in a similar manner

If a prospective client reaches out online via message, then reply by message. If by e-mail, then by e-mail. You get the hint. This allows for the message query to be on one platform such that it can be easily tracked and be used for follow-ups.

4. Do not wait

This is a generation which relies on fast internet more than basic survival essentials. Hence, do not wait to reply to your online leads. The faster you are, the better it is for your business.

But, it is not always viable for you to be online all the time and reply every single time. The solution? Invest in a great virtual assistant or online service that will do the job for you. These services will allow for quick responses which will lead to a higher lead generation rate.

Though these are some great tips, it is important to remember that you need to have great content and testimonials to back up your work. By being fast, kind and informative, you will soon be on the fast track to being the best real estate agent out there.

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