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The Ideal Salesperson

Whenever you think of a salesperson, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Some annoying voice behind a phone call trying hard to make some money or some guy with a bag on his shoulder knocking on your door in the screeching noon? One can’t deny that most of the times when you hear about them, the vibe of being inferior is in air but also the fact that even the smallest salesperson plays a very essential role in a Multinational Company.

If you ask an extremely successful salesperson, “what makes you different from the average sales representative?’’ you will most likely get a less than accurate answer, if any answers at all. Frankly, the person may not even know the real answer because most successful salesperson are simply doing what comes naturally. According to the definition, the successfulness of a salesperson is usually measured by the amount of sales they are able to make during a given period and how good that person is in persuading individuals to make a purchase.

But the main question lies here is, what separates a good salesperson from a great salesperson? The best of the best tends to share the following characteristics.

A predator’s mentality

This may sound a little weird but it is actually needed to become a great salesperson. Everyone wants someone who is going to get excited about ‘the big fish’, that is someone who will prepare endlessly and stride through a lot of information, contacts and leads in order to put themselves in a position to land as many big accounts as possible. That kind of drive pushes them to never rest on their laurels and always look for the next big thing!


Yes! You read it right! It is actually said that the amazing salespersons are always lazy, seem to predisposed to ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). One basically just needs to do their own thing and hope for the best in combination with their ability to never take a no as an answer.

The trifecta: intelligence, personality and drive

A person should be a smart talker, informative enough about its product and not to mention manipulative too. A person should know what it is talking about should be ready with the comebacks of every possible question. Unlike other roles within an organization where a single specialized skill is good enough, great salesperson needs to be intelligent, personable and driven. This mix of personalities will ensure that they can not only get themselves in front of buyers but also close the deal and ultimately create relationships that pay dividends over time.


The most successful salespeople are creative and think about unique ways to solve problems for their clients. They come up with novel ideas when most people form the same conclusions. One always needs to think and come up with ideas to impress people which are attractive enough. And the best thing to do is to keep yourself in the costumers’ shoes and act accordingly. Top performing salespeople have the ability to look at things differently. Their brilliant analytical skills enable them to offer different solutions that others normally don’t see. They are resourceful and make the best out of what they have.

Well Prepared and Updated on Latest Trends & Technology

Impressing clients and making them buy a product is no cake walk. It requires a tremendous amount of research, confidence and flawless execution of pitches. Effective team members use all their resources and time to find out what exactly they are going to pitch to different clients and tailor their presentations accordingly.

They do NOT go on and on about products and services, but offer something of value through a conversational approach, which is jargon free. The most successful salespeople are always ahead of the game for a reason – they invest their time in educating themselves. Winning salespeople keep themselves updated on market trends, products and competition.

They also use all kinds of sales tools to participate in professional development and stay motivated. They keep a variety of tools handy that can help them learn about things that help them perform better.


Being curious with the clients and the product is only the start. The best of these folks are also on the lookout for changes in the industry and what’s offered by the competition. Knowing more, leading the conversation and learning the issues of their costumers helps a person to understand more about their issues and reason behind the hesitation.


An outstanding sales representative can go with the flow. Adapting to the client’s schedule and preferences can make all the difference. There may be scenarios where you might have to communicate with people who don’t sip the same tea as you, but that’s the challenge! One needs to be really patient and welcoming and mould themselves according to the situation.

Communications Skills

There’s no way around having excellent verbal skills if you’re trying to sell people goods and services. People who excel here know how to stay away from jargon and hard to understand concepts. Be it any language, a person needs to be clear.


Without being rude or pushy, good salespeople know how to get the job done. They know many people face the most challenging obstacle just before they reach their goal. They know how to work through slumping sales numbers.


When a sales representative loves their company, it shows in their pitch. That’s why the most successful salespeople are the best cheerleaders for their small businesses at the same time. If you keep thinking that it’s a boring and easy job then you are so wrong my friend. If you are willing to become the ideal salesperson, you need to start respecting what you do and start loving it.


An extrovert is generally sociable, gets energized by spending time with other people, likes to talk and start conversations and makes friends easily. They also tend to have many interests. This allows a salesperson to be willing to meet people, enjoy the interaction, and talk about many things. The more subjects they can converse about, the better they're able to connect with the customer.

Whether it is pitching a startup to investors or selling cars at a dealership, successful salespeople are vital to all business ventures. But as many who have tried their hand at sales can attest, not everyone is cut out for this line of work. Above listed are the qualities your ideal person for sales should have. And as they say, look for the sign? But only the gives ones above.

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