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What Should You Gift Your Clients On Closing?

Gifting is important. It is highly vital in a business in which most of your time is spent with people i.e. your clients. In the real estate business, the gift you give after closing speaks volumes about you and your business.  

Are you still giving out wine bottles as gifts on closing?

Though not looked down upon, gifting items like wine bottles, chocolates and bouquets are very common and extremely impersonal. As a growing brand, you can take it a step further to impress your clientele to not only remember but recommend you.

What Should You Gift Your Clients On Closing?

For you to become the gift-giving angel, we have come up with the most creative and interesting ideas! Let’s jump right in! (Don’t worry, we have a range of prices to ensure you can afford them)

1. Framed House Sketch

An absolutely well thought gift idea is that of a framed, hand-sketched illustration of your client’s home which they have just purchased. It is not only extremely thoughtful but is a great addition to the décor of any new home. It won’t even cost you a lot.

Just get it done online on any freelance website like Fiverr or Etsy for less than 5 dollars.

2. Home Services

Owning a home is great. But, maintaining it is not so much fun. It can be terribly challenging when you have a big family. Gift your client some client related services such as snow clearing, lawn maintenance or house cleaning and just relish the smile and relief on their face.

You can just pre-purchase a number of sessions rather than give a gift certificate as it will be easier and faster.

3. Basket of Goodies!

Don’t you remember that feeling you would get when somebody would gift you a huge hamper of goodies? Especially when it was stuff you would never buy for yourself. Well, do the same of your clients.

Make a thoughtful hamper filled with goodies like premium coffee, craft beer, pastries, gourmet items and even a guide to the best restaurants in the city!

4. Donation to Charity

Another great idea is donate in their name to a charity that they would love. It is very thoughtful and certainly memorable. Who doesn’t want to pay it forward? Your step will also make them feel really loved.

Try to choose a charity that they would appreciate, maybe a family member is battling cancer or maybe they have dogs. Understand your client from Day 1 to be able to gift a thoughtful gift.

5. Subscription Boxes!

There is a new trend of subscription boxes that has hit the market. The basic idea of these boxes is that every month you will receive a box of the best hand-picked products in your chosen category. This allows for one to try out new products, styles and trends without burning a whole in one’s pocket.

For example, there is the BirchBox for the beauty fanatics or Hello Fresh for great grocery items delivered to your doorstep as per a recipe and portioned out. Gift your client any subscription box for a couple of months according to what they may like and they will never stop thanking you.

There are absolutely a bazillion ideas out there for you to gift on closing a client. But, what it makes it really special when you add your own touch to it. When you go that extra mile, the client will definitely take that next step toward recommending you at parties.

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