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What Your Realtor Would Like You To Know

A lot of buyers are often stumped when interacting or doing business with realtors. They don’t understand why they get yelled at for some questions they ask with the intention of only gathering more information. We, as realtors, love working with people. But, more often than not there are clients who cross a line. We want to build long-lasting relationships but we also want you to know that we have some boundaries as well.

Here are a few tips for you to enjoy a great buying/selling experience with your realtor and also maybe make an amazing friend for life.

1. We work on COMMISSION

No! We cannot show you around houses for free if you don’t intend to buy. We are not public servants and do not like to be treated as so. There are only a few agents who work on a salary. The realtors who work on commission are in fact the ones who put in their sweat and energy to ensure their clients get the best deal.

If you want a realtor with such qualities, then please do not work around deals if you want to cut them out of it.

2. Be on time

Yes, we do jobs that are construed to be 24/7, round the clock. But, we cannot drop everything the moment you call. You are not the ONLY client. If you value your time and hate when people are not punctual, we are the same.

Do not make an appointment if you don’t plan to keep it. If you are going to be late, have the courtesy to make the call to the realtor and keep them informed.

The more you actually give, the more you receive.

3. Do your due diligence

First off, make a personal decision on whether you want to work with listing agents directly or wish to have representation in terms of a realtor. If yes, then ensure that you compare various real estate agent companies, the realtors working in the same.

Post which, you should definitely interview the shortlisted agents to figure out the best fit for you.

Pro Tip: Do not interview agents from the same company!

4. Open House Protocol is a MUST

In some locations, it is often frowned upon if you attend open houses alone. Figure out if that’s the case in your locality. But, always ensure that you let the sellers know who is representing you. This will ensure that you do not get duped.

Lastly, ensure that you do not ask questions about the seller. Let your representative agent do the work for you.

Pro Tip: Your agent knows best.

5. Chart out your expectations

Just like any business contract, hiring of a realtor is also similar. It is vital that you chart out your expectations loud and clear. This will lead to a smooth relationship and efficient proceedings.

If you have a certain architectural style in mind, inform your agent so he does not spend ages showing you other homes. Please be open about what your feelings are. Don’t hide it. Just be honest. It helps.

Be realistic and don’t expect magic. As they say, “Rome was not built in a day, nor will your real estate dreams will be.” It takes hard work and patience. Be ready for the same.

These tips will be a great guide for you to work with your realtor and ensure the best for both of you.

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