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Who Should Pay For Home Staging?

Home Staging in itself has become a profession with a variety of definitions. The profession has opened up opportunities for individuals ranging from staging to listing services. But, what does it really entail?

Do you need to invest your commission as a real estate agent on home staging?

Is it important for you to be able to sell homes? Let’s look into the nitty grit ties for the same.

Home Staging is a process wherein a professional will help you walk through your client’s home and provide tips and advice on how it can be improved on in terms of marketability of the home and increase in its value. But, don’t mistake this to be the same as a décor rampage or a renovation project.

Home Staging professionals will ask the tough questions, regarding timeline, budget, renovation goals and finalise on various plans. You should only consider home staging for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To make your client’s home look as big as possible
  • To make your client’s home look as bright as possible
  • To make your client’s home look as updated as possible

Why should you do it?

As real estate agents, it can often become difficult to view your client’s own home with a critical eye even more so when you wish to sell it at a high price and are dying to make the sale. Since the clients’ have been living in it, they feel it is perfect which may not be so. As first impression is the last impression, staging of your client’s home helps to garner the interest and keep it consistent.

What does it usually include?

Home staging in itself is an art, but it does have various nuances attached to it. This includes Repairs, Decluttering, Painting, Lighting and so on. Every home will benefit from this immensely. Most experts agree that 1-2% of the home value should be invested towards home staging.

Who Pays for Home Staging Activities?

It is but human nature to be lenient and let little fixes pass us by. We reassure ourselves that we don’t have the time but most of the times we are just not skilled enough to fix it. Your clients are the same who have not kept their own homes up to date.

Though it is human nature to want to save money and try to make a tidy profit. It should be such that selling your client’s home should be considered the Day of Reckoning. The day wherein the home is absolutely perfect for your potential buyers.

As a progressive realtor, it should be your duty to provide the guidance from professional home stager on your own dime. Further which, you can connect your client to any contractor to get the job done.

The process of home staging will include designing a plan, executing the same and being consistent with it. Advice your clients to not try to complete it in a couple of weekends.

As a real estate agent, it is your duty to provide the clients with a home staging expert but let the clients pick up the expenses of the home staging activities.

Don’t think twice before paying for the home staging consulting. It will be paid forward with more and more customers wanting to be able to get the best price possible.

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