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Want to be the expert for Listing, Marketing and Selling homes in your area?

Then start a small mail out farm in an area where you do business

Want a proven way to generate listings every year from a 500 home/condo farm?

100% Delivery rate


Get your partners to pay for most of the cost


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Be Different

Instead of sending out mailings asking people for business and just seeming like every other agent out there. Send engaging content that people look forward to getting. Be consist and stand out. We have an agent who was sending out content every month for eleven months and he stopped after month 12. He got a call from various home owners asking him why they didn’t get a copy. The agent found partners to pay for part of the mail out, and started getting listings.

100% Delivery

Because we fold the newsletter, place a stamp on an envelope and send it to the owner directly, you have an opportunity to build a relationship with owners directly. Some buildings have 30% delivery rate if you send flyers. With a stamp and the address on the envelope, you have an opportunity to reach owners each and every time.

Cost Effective

We have real estate teams who send out 2000 newsletters every month and it doesn’t cost them a penny. These teams don’t accept any referrals fees, instead they want their mortgage brokers, lawyers, interior designers, construction companies to pay for part or all of the mail outs by placing ads on them. To comply with real estate council rules, we can bill these businesses directly for marketing on your newsletter.

Start Small

Start with a 500 home/condo farm and stay consistent.

Data Driven

We have stats that can pin point which areas have the highest turnover rate.

This doesn’t guarantee success but will give you better odds.

Data Mining

If you want to send mail directly to owners and put their names on the envelop, we can do that too.

Read the facts found by Canada Post’s commissioned qualitative, Canada-wide ethnographic study conducted by market research consultancy Phase 5.

Finding #1: Direct mail inspires

It’s so ingrained in life that the consumers ritualize it. In the process, they imbue it with emotionally charged meaning, making them more susceptible to inspiration from brands.

Dealing with mail is part of life’s routine – a routine fixed in frequency and process, a routine so ingrained and imbued with sentiment that it is often ritualized.

Finding #2: Direct mail gets noticed

Consumers are far more likely to notice, open, read and enjoy mail than digital forms of advertising. They consider it less intrusive, more memorable, and the best way to make them feel valued.

Direct mail’s tactility enhances a message’s noticeability, extends its memorability, and imbues it with emotion and intimacy, positively influencing the way consumers feel about both the sender and their relationship with them.

Finding #3: Direct mail persists

Consumers keep mail, display it in highly visible areas of the home, and even share it with others. This creates multiple opportunities for a brand to be seen and engaged with.

Direct mail is often displayed in prominent areas of the home, kept for extended periods, and shared with others, multiplying its value by presenting repeated opportunities for brands to be seen and engaged with.

Finding #1: Direct mail inspires

Whether it’s to drive a store visit or purchase, mail delivers a call-to-action that resonates.

Direct mail is noticeable, memorable and enjoyable. It stimulates an experience that is connected with emotion and intimacy. And its value is extended and multiplied when it is kept, displayed and shared with others. So, perhaps it comes as no surprise that it’s far more likely to be actioned than digital advertising.


John is a new agent. He starts a monthly newsletter after listing one condo in a building in east Vancouver. 2 months later, he gets and sells another listing. He continues the newsletter, then he gets another listing 7 months later he sells another listing shortly after. He lists and sells 4 listings in that building out of a total of 5 sold listing in that building within 12 months. Total commission earned $32,000. Cost of mail outs $6000. He only paid $3000 as he got a mortgage broker to pay for part of the mail out. He doesn’t take any referral fees from his mortgage broker, he only wants his partner to pay for part of their co – marketing campaigns.


Agents starts a newsletter in a very attractive building after he sold one unit. Another person in the same building asks the person about her experience shortly after. The person who sold recommended the agent and told the person about how she should list with him. The agent gets and sold the listing right away. He’s continually sending this newsletter to this building of 200 units. The second person who got the newsletter would have never known about the agent because, most people don’t tell their nieghbour about how they’re selling and moving.


Glen starts a newsletter to a east Vancouver building that had 5 active listings. He finally sold his listing, and he continues to send the newsletter. Because the content was engaging. One of the neighbours, Jackie called him to list her condo. He visited and prepared a CMA, the seller refused to pay the commission and the agent refused to drop his commission. Jackie listed with another agent but after 60 days, the property didn't sell. Because Glen continued to send newsletters to the building, Jackie ended up calling Glen and asked him to list her home. The condo was sold within 7 days and the seller ended up buying another home and recommended 3 of her friends. This agent earned $40,000 Within 6 months.

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